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What you get

A soft landing in your new home away from home

We help you assemble your perfect remote work experience.

Our starter package covers all the basics and ensures you have a smooth start in the new city you arrive in. Take what you need. Don’t pay for stuff you don’t like or use. Enjoy a truly personal experience of a lifetime.

What You Get

Private Room

Private Room

Live comfortably in a shared apartment with fellow flexpats. You’ll get a neat private room so you can have your peace and quiet whenever you need it.

Private Room

City Chief

In each of our locations, we appoint a City Chief who’s looking after your safety and comfort. This is your go-to person for local advice and organizational matters. It’s great to start living in a new city when you already have a friend you can rely on!

Private Room


The flexpat group counts amazing digital professionals with diverse backgrounds and skills. Once a week, we give the stage to bright minds, entrepreneurs and creatives to share their art and craft with the community in skill-focused workshops and talks.

Private Room


If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together.” (African proverb)

We curate an inspiring group of remote workers you can share your adventures with. Connect, learn from one another and explore foreign cultures together!

Private Room


Life is all for the taking! We take chances, grab opportunities but it’s important to not forget that we also need to give back - to society and nature. You’ll be able to participate in volunteering activities and support local communities and causes.

Private Room


Traveling can oftentimes get you out of your rhythm, but you didn’t spend all this time in the gym for nothing, did you? To keep the motivation and the abs of steel, we gather for a group workout session every morning.

Private Room


To let you get to know the group a little better, we host regular bonding activities including game and movie nights. We didn’t forget about the foodies among you either! This is your chance to wow your fellow flexpats with your cooking talent as well as to get to know each other’s culture through typical cuisine.

Private Room

Curated Schedule

While we don’t want to suffocate you with a rigid structure, we’ve prepared a schedule packed with fun activities you can fall back and rely on. Feel free to join as much of the stuff we’ve planned for that month as you like!

Private Room

Group Drinks

Start and end each month with a party! This is your chance to meet the whole group at once as well as to say your goodbyes (or should we say “see you laters”?) at the end of the month. Drinks are on us!

Local Content

Local Content

Before you start living in a new country, there’s some inevitable prep work you’ve got to do. Let us save you some precious time with it! Our local partners know their city as the back of their hand and will provide you with practical content about their culture and lifestyle.

Private Workspace

Co-Working Space

Work plays an important role in our program - it is the glue that holds your new lifestyle together. To ensure that you keep your high productivity and stellar track record, we arrange access to workspaces with rock-solid internet connection.

Private Apartment


Are the times you used to share your living space with others done and dusted? No problem. We provide you with quality private accommodation, meaning that you’ll have a one-bedroom apartment including a bathroom and kitchen all for yourself!


Events & Activities

We dedicate time and effort to facilitate authentic experiences in each of the destinations we visit. Our carefully crafted city program includes a variety of activities (including epic weekend trips) which amplify the unique flavor of the city you’re in.

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Meeting people isn’t all that difficult, finding someone you really click with is the bigger challenge. Bond with like-minds from all walks of life. Dive into new cultures with a fun group of remote workers. Make friendships that last. Learn and grow together.



We see no point in blasting your life savings on this. Design an experience that fits your lifestyle. Whether you’re on a budget or love a good splurge, you are free to select the elements you need and pay only for what you use.



Everyone’s different and we respect that. Discover a new city through your own lens. Pick the activities you like. Enjoy the freedom of solo travel with the comfort of a group that readily shares your adventures.

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