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Taipei’s beauty lies in its harmonious blend of Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian and American influences, which makes it only fair to celebrate our month here under the theme “Fusion.” Taiwan’s capital will strike you as modern metropolis with colonial lanes, busy shopping streets and a contemporary architecture. The city’s skyline is crowned by the 509 meter-tall, bamboo-shaped Taipei 101 skyscraper, designed to push the limits of man-made art and imagination. Dive deeper into the local scene and you’ll soon realize that this fast-moving, tech-savvy city has a very human heart and it takes great care of its people.

To do in and around the city

Watch Taipei 101 from the Elephant Mountain

Visit the Santorini of Taiwan, Jiufen and explore the gold mine

Get enlightened in the Ximending neighborhood

Sip a cup of tea in any of the Taiwanese teahouses

Hike the impressive 19km long Taroko Gorge canyon and visit the Eternal Spring Shrine

Taipei’s Superpowers

Metropolitan Metropolitan
Historical Historical
Modern Modern
Markets Night Markets

A Day Of The Program

You leave your environment and join the river of people, floating through a city decorated in light, architecture, and space age technology. Your neck cranes upwards and you find buildings of the most amazing design reaching up towards the heavens while the sun sits atop them, bathing the city in it’s warm glow. You finally manage to tear yourself away from stopping every few minutes as things keep catching your eye, and arrive at your co-workspace. This, you realise, is the future. It’s like a mix of the coolest coffee shop on earth and Google’s head office.

It breathes peacefulness, success, productivity and comfort. It’s changed your entire vision of life as a remote worker. Lunch time is here and you have to spend 20 minutes just trying to figure out what absolutely salivary-inducing place you’re going to eat from - is it streetfood? Mom’s style kitchen you found in a city nook? Or a swave place right out of James Bond? Welp, guess what? You’ll find the same problem when it comes to dinner! Oh, what a problem to have… You want to do something new for the day, something #instagramable. So, you make your way a short distance to Yangmingshan - a national park situated just outside the city. Cherry Blossoms, hot springs, hiking trails and even a dormant volcano. This is no longer an instagramable moment, it’s a moment you don’t need a photo to remember, because you’ll never forget it, how you felt and what you experienced.

Did you know?

Did you know?
  • Now, within Taipei’s 105 square miles, there are 9,555 neighborhoods
  • Locals call the sea of vehicles going down a ramp a “motorcycle waterfall.”
  • Food is such an essential part of Taiwanese culture that locals often greet each other by asking, “Have you eaten yet?”

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