Marrakech, Morocco



30 days

November / December

Charmingly humble and strikingly vibrant, Marrakech will warmly welcome you with open arms and let you have a taste of its rich heritage and customs. During our stay here, we’ll thrive under the theme ‘Sensation,’ taking a splashing dive in an extravaganza of colors, spices, and new experiences. The Red City will captivate you with its art and architecture masterpieces, labyrinth-like souqs, and Arabic beauty contrasting against a backdrop of an unforgettable starry sky.

What You Get

Private Room

Private Room

Live comfortably in a shared apartment with fellow flexpats. You’ll get a neat private room so you can have your peace and quiet whenever you need it.

Private Room

City Chief

In each of our locations, we appoint a City Chief who’s looking after your safety and comfort. This is your go-to person for local advice and organizational matters. It’s great to start living in a new city when you already have a friend you can rely on!

Private Room


The flexpat group counts amazing digital professionals with diverse backgrounds and skills. Once a week, we give the stage to bright minds, entrepreneurs and creatives to share their art and craft with the community in skill-focused workshops and talks.

Private Room


If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together.” (African proverb)

We curate an inspiring group of remote workers you can share your adventures with. Connect, learn from one another and explore foreign cultures together!

Private Room


Life is all for the taking! We take chances, grab opportunities but it’s important to not forget that we also need to give back - to society and nature. You’ll be able to participate in volunteering activities and support local communities and causes.

Private Room


Traveling can oftentimes get you out of your rhythm, but you didn’t spend all this time in the gym for nothing, did you? To keep the motivation and the abs of steel, we gather for a group workout session every morning.

Private Room


To let you get to know the group a little better, we host regular bonding activities including game and movie nights. We didn’t forget about the foodies among you either! This is your chance to wow your fellow flexpats with your cooking talent as well as to get to know each other’s culture through typical cuisine.

Private Room

Curated Schedule

While we don’t want to suffocate you with a rigid structure, we’ve prepared a schedule packed with fun activities you can fall back and rely on. Feel free to join as much of the stuff we’ve planned for that month as you like!

Private Room

Group Drinks

Start and end each month with a party! This is your chance to meet the whole group at once as well as to say your goodbyes (or should we say “see you laters”?) at the end of the month. Drinks are on us!

Local Content

Local Content

Before you start living in a new country, there’s some inevitable prep work you’ve got to do. Let us save you some precious time with it! Our local partners know their city as the back of their hand and will provide you with practical content about their culture and lifestyle.

Private Workspace

Co-Working Space

Work plays an important role in our program - it is the glue that holds your new lifestyle together. To ensure that you keep your high productivity and stellar track record, we arrange access to workspaces with rock-solid internet connection.

Private Apartment


Are the times you used to share your living space with others done and dusted? No problem. We provide you with quality private accommodation, meaning that you’ll have a one-bedroom apartment including a bathroom and kitchen all for yourself!


Events & Activities

We dedicate time and effort to facilitate authentic experiences in each of the destinations we visit. Our carefully crafted city program includes a variety of activities (including epic weekend trips) which amplify the unique flavor of the city you’re in.

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Marrakech's Superpowers


To do in and around the city

Go treasure hunting for Moroccan souvenirs through the souqs in the old medina

Make a roadtrip through the Atlas mountains and ride a camel in the Sahara desert

Catch the biggest atlantic waves in Taghazout

Get a glimpse of the life of a true fashion legend by visiting Marrakech’s eye candy, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Explore the charming and picturesque seaside town Essaouira

Treat yourself to an authentic hammam, a traditional Moroccan steam bath

A Day In Marrakech

As you draw open the curtains, your bedroom transforms itself from a nocturnal lair into a sunbathed palace. You open the window and the heat of the sun and the sound of the city embrace you in their warmth. This, you realise, is what the Nomad life is about - history, culture, adventure are all but a step away!

Time to take in the day with a breakfast - black tea, bread and jam - a Moroccan classic! Next stop, co-work. Whip out the laptop and get cracking, surrounded by remote workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, internationals and locals.

It’s lunchtime and you have an endless supply of new tastes, sites and sounds to take in. Morocco is famous for its cuisine and the more local the place, the better the taste!

It’s the end of the day and you want to chill out - you want to find a quiet oasis in the hustle and bustle you live for! So, you take a walk to the Jardin Majorelle, a beautiful garden a stone’s throw from the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Finally, it’s time to go for dinner with your new friends and there is only one place you want to go - the Amal Women’s Foundation. This NGO, run by local women, is dedicated to the empowerment of disadvantaged women. They make amazing food, provide amazing and deep insight and are nothing short of an inspiration!

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Did you know?

Did you know?
  • Marrakech, the “Red City,” owes this nickname to the colours of its ramparts.
  • In Morocco, it is considered impolite to handle food with the left hand.
  • Marrakech is becoming one of the leading golfing destinations.


Can I come with my partner and is there a special price involved?

Yes, of course! You’re welcome to bring your partner and join our community together! We provide couples with a private apartment so that you have your own place. The price for Marrakech is €1,400

How much does a workspace cost extra?

Flexpat offers a flexible desk in a workspace. For Marrakech the extra costs for a flexible desk, that come on top of the standard price, are 160 euros.

How much does a private apartment cost extra?

For Marrakech the extra costs for a private apartment, that come on top of the standard price, are 220 euros.

What are the accommodations like?

Please see the pictures in the gallery for an idea on the quality standards of our apartments in Marrakech. We provide a private bedroom and our accommodations include linens, towels, and an Internet connection. For Marrakech you can assume that there are kitchen facilities. Please note that a private bedroom may be part of a multi-bedroom apartment where several flexpats live together. Rest assured, we’re personally checking all accommodations, making sure they’re safe, clean and, last but not least, so enjoyable!

If you have any lodging preferences or special needs, we’ll do our best to prioritize your request. Let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Can you give examples of the optional activities?

Flexpat is all about flexibility, therefore we have created a monthly activity schedule with optional activities. It’s up to you and the group to pick the activities so that we can arrange them for you. Some example activities in Marrakech that we could do are visiting the Saadian tombs and the Bahia palace, visit the spice market in the Jewish quarter, have dinner on one of the many rooftop restaurants around the medina, drive a quad in the desert, try out the mouth watering tajines or visit the Ouzoud waterfalls and lake Takerkoust and last but not least, watch tree climbing goats. Of course, you can find more inspiration in the ‘to do in and around the city’ section on this page.

What are the visa requirements for this location?

For Marrakech in Morocco you can find the visa criteria here: If you have to arrange a visa, it’s good to know that digital nomads are used to enter a country on a tourist visa. Nevertheless, it's totally up to you to decide what type of visa you like and apply for.

Will I have access to a reliable Internet connection?

We’re all about ‘traveling the world, while getting sh*t done!’. All our community members use the Internet constantly to work. If there were no internet, there would be no point in the lifestyle nor in offering our service.

All our rooms have internet connection. We made sure you can get sh*t done via (1) speed tests in the apartments, (2) we checked coffee spaces in town as a backup workplace. Furthermore, Flexpat has partnerships with coworking space in case you like to work there.

In all cases, if you like to have specifics on the speed levels, let’s walk through that during a call or message us via

Disclaimer: Please note that the internet speed and stability might be different from what you’re used to at home. In case you have specific internet needs, please let us know on the call so that we can find a solution.

Live life on your own terms.
Travel the world while getting sh#t done.

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