Answers to common community questions

If you have questions before signing up, here is everything to get you started. If you’re looking for location specific answers, please find those on each location specific page.

Is Flexpat a holiday?

No. Flexpat enables a new lifestyle (!) so that people can live in a different city and work remotely during the day for their employer or on their projects. During the weekend and evenings, we all enjoy many activities that could be done during a holiday as well.

Does Flexpat provide jobs or projects?

No, Flexpat does not provide jobs. Our focus is on enabling your dream remote life. Working what you love is up to you.

Who can join Flexpat?

For our community, we look for remote working professionals, who bring something unique to the table in terms of personality, skills, or network. We welcome you at Flexpat - whether you have a full- or part-time job, whether you’re a freelancer, a (fledgling) entrepreneur, or you’re currently in a transition point in your life!

Do I need to have a job or project to join Flexpat?

Our community members work mostly during the day. Therefore, for the cohesion of the group, we find it important that you either have a job, a project you work on or a personal development activity (e.g., an e-learning course). So, if you are on sabbatical and want to work on something you’ve always dreamed of, Flexpat is perfect for you.

Can I come with my partner and is there a special price involved?

Yes, of course you’re welcome to bring your partner as long as you both like to engage with the community. You can find the price for 2 persons in the FAQ section of each location page.

Do I have to speak English?

We don’t have to be fluent or native to join Flexpat. However, we expect that you can have conversations with others in English.

Why Flexpat?

We don’t want to brag, but we think the following can really benefit you:

  • Community - ‘We’re all in this together’: You can join curated community and build deep and life-lasting relationships, strengthen your professional network and learn from each other.
  • Flexibility - ‘The experience is adjustable to your needs: Everybody is different, therefore you can select the services you like.
  • Affordable - ‘Work & travel should be for any budget’: Have lower costs of living compared to staying at home and don’t pay for services you don't need.
  • Save costs - group benefits: Benefit from the group discounts that Flexpat arranges for activities and accommodations.
  • Logistics - Save time for what really matters: Get quickly up-and-running because Flexpat arranged accommodation, shares practical information and tips & tricks. Moreover, finding the local supermarket is one, getting great volunteering experiences is another.
  • Local knowledge - Get the full potential out of a city: Get access to Flexpat’s network so that you can find the hidden gems and local jewels.
  • Assistance - Local help for local issues: In sickness and in health, when you get lost or confused, we’re there for you to support you.

We’re prepared to provide you with an amazing experience and our team included all of our learnings from our Marrakech and Barcelona trips into our new adventures.


How big are Flexpat’s communities?

Around 40 committed, dynamic and fun individuals set to have fun and explore!

What kind of people join Flexpat?

Flexpat hosts a diverse group of people who all bring something unique to the table. The group consists of people that work & travel for a long time and those that are new, singles and couples, entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees and extraverts and introverts. Something they share is that they love to explore the world, enjoy building relationships with others and care about flexibility. They are usually aged between 24 - 40 years.


What's included?

It’s on you to bring good mood and your best jokes. Other than that, Flexpat included the best of the best services for remote working experts and enthusiasts: a private room, a city chief, a group of likeminded people, community driven workshops & presentations, volunteering opportunities, doing sports together, city walks, games, movies and cooking nights, meeting locals, attending local festivals, local content, a curated activity schedule, welcome & goodbye drinks.

What's not included?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to the remote lifestyle. Flexpat’s basic package is stripped to the essentials you need and of course, our community! From here, you can individually add what you need - whether it’s a flexible co-working desk, a private apartment or tourist activities - we have it all at the best prices!


Are Flexpat’s city hubs safe?

Safety was our priority when we chose the cities for our adventure. Of course, no matter where you are, some spots in the city will be more safe than others. This is why we’ll let you know where they are and how you can minimize risks. Our local team continuously makes sure you’re safe in the cities they represent, offering advice on what areas to avoid, local customs and traditions, do’s and don'ts. When you arrive to a new destination, a dedicated staff member will have checked that everything is in place for you. In addition, Flexpat will always check with the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs on the safety situation in its locations and provide you with contact details of embassies or consulates in the countries that we visit.

Can Flexpat arrange my visas?

Flexpat does not arrange visas. Visa requirements are entirely dependent on your country of citizenship. A useful resource for determining your visa requirements is here. During the application call, we can discuss any visa requirement applicable to your specific case.

How flexible is the Flexpat community?

While we are here to foster a sense of community around the flexpats, we very much encourage you to do excursions by yourself or in groups. After all, flexibility is in our name ;).

What happens if I have to leave unexpectedly during the month?

We all hope unfortunate events don’t happen, but sometimes they do. In case you have to leave the program, you can just do so without any penalties or extra fees. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to give you the fee back and we also can’t reimburse you for transportation or other costs that you have made or will make. We advise you to arrange a travel insurance yourself so that they might be able to reimburse you for your (additional) costs.

How does it work with Travel Insurance?

Flexpat doesn’t provide insurance, so Flexpat recommends you to always check your current insurer, or to arrange another travel insurance when joining Flexpat! If you are looking for some recommendations though, you can always check out Integra Global, World Nomads, Allianz Worldwide Care and IMG Global.

Does Flexpat cover medical insurance?

We does not provide, arrange or cover costs for medical insurance. Flexpat recommends to always arrange a medical insurance yourself when joining the adventure.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

We’re happy to answer any other questions you might have for us. Drop us a line in the chat or if you’re the email kind - write us at hello@flexpat.com.