Athens, Greece



30 days

Sept 1 Sept 30
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Take a walk with Aphrodite, Zeus and Athena to the historical capital of Europe. Their story speaks of bravery, mystery and passion - just like you when taking the leap into working from anywhere in the world! In a place where old architecture and traditions meet flavorful food and welcoming people, our Flexpat adventure is bound to make you reconnect with history, culture and nature.

To do in and around the city

Walk around at the Acropolis and get inspired by the founders of democracy

Visit the neighborhood Plaka with its numerous museums and the scenic Anafiotika

Make a weekend trip to romantic Santorini

Have a breathtaking panorama view on Athens after hiking Mount Hymettus

Enjoy the mouth watering greek salad, tzatziki, olive oil or any other greek dish

Immerse yourself in ancient Greek history by visiting the temple of Delphi

Athens' Superpowers

Mythology Mythology
Beauty Beauty
Ancient Ancient history

A Day Of The Program

In marvelous Athens, you don’t need to go to a museum to be reminded of mythology and long-lost stories at the intersection of history and fiction. Wherever you go, you can see symbols of wisdom, victory and philosophy. Even while walking to your cowork space in the morning, you and your fellow flexpats pass by three ancient landmarks and can’t help but snap pictures. It feels like a vacation, although it’s not - it’s even better! When your biggest problem is choosing between spinach pie, chicken thighs with lemony Greek rice pilaf and moussaka, you know you’re having a good day.

And going out for lunch is a treat in itself as even before your food arrives, you can marvel at the imposing Acropolis almost all around the city - reminder of Greek heritage and the city’s evolution. And a reminder for you the benefits of location-independent work. After today’s ride home, you’d better have a rest: you and your new Greek friends will meet in Syntagma Square, then go to a typical party (careful, plate throwing on the floor will be involved). Next stop, a modern party where you will feel right at home - we guarantee you, Greeks are the most friendly people we’ve ever met!

Did you know?

Did you know?
  • The Olympic Games originated in Ancient Greece.
  • Thousands of islands surround Greece.Emerald waters, beautiful beaches and sunsets, quaint villages, and warm and welcoming locals – the Greek Islands are an integral part of the country’s history, culture, and traditions.
  • The contemporary idea of Santa Claus developed from the 4th-century Greek Saint Nicholas who was a bishop of Myra (nowadays Demre, Turkey) famous for his secret gift-giving.

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